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Rowlett Lions Donate $50,000 To Help Local and State Charities

The Lions Club of Rowlett recently delivered checks to various charities to help those in need and send aid to families devastated by hurricane Harvey.

The club presented checks to the Texas Lions Camp for $25,000 to enable ongoing operating costs. The organization sponsors children with diabetes, sight deficiencies and other physical constraints. Additionally,  $20,000 was given to aid in the provision and distribution of supplies and materials to the South Texas Area in the wake of the devastating rampage of hurricane Harvey.

Local charities receiving $2,500 each were the Dallas Children’s Hospital and the Scottish Rite Hospital.

The Rowlett Lions Club has been a generous supporter of local and state charities since its inception in 1966. Over 90% of all funds raised by the club go to organizations such as those mentioned in addition to the Salvation Army and the Rowlett Needy Children’s Fund.

The Rowlett Lions are one of approximately 70 clubs in District 2-X1 that dedicate their service to the needs of their community, the State, the Nation and the world.  They are on of the 45,000 clubs that make up Lions International, the largest service club organization in the world. Its membership represents over 200 countries, both male and female, from ages 18 to 100.

Those wishing to make further donations to the club in their ongoing work are encouraged to contact their President, Lion Dennis Ray Pennington or write to the club at P.O. Box 205, Rowlett, Texas.  The club invites local residents to their meetings also, on the second and fourth Monday of the month. More can be found at the club’s website at


Plano Evening Lions Dedicate Legacy Project to City of Plano

The Plano Evening Lions Club celebrated their Centennial Community Legacy Project Phase 1 on Wednesday, December 21, 2016. The Project was Dedicated by the Plano Parks Manager Ron Smith and the Superintendent of Plano Parks Doug Green. The first Dedication was done at Haggard Park near old downtown Plano. This Park was sponsored by the Plano Lions Clubs in the early 1920’s (Plaque picture attached). This Dedication celebrates the Plano Evening Lions Club’s continuing commitment to the City of Plano.

The second Dedication was done at the Jack Carter Dog Park on the Blue Ridge Trail in Northwest Plano. This Dedication celebrates the memory of Past Club President Warren Veach and his canine companion “Raphael”. Both Donations from the Club were for Pet Convenience Waste Stations that were greatly needed by the City of Plano in both parks.

The Dedication Services were led by Plano Evening Lions Club President William Nelson. District 2-X1 Governor Bill Smothermon gave a wonderful address on Lions Centennial Legacy Projects. The Centennial Coordinator for District 2-X1, Vinod Mathur was in attendance in support of our Club. Plano Evening Lions Club Members in attendance were PDG Carolyn Dorman who is the MD-2 Centennial Coordinator, Lion Carlton Dorman, Lion President William Nelson, Lion Tail Twister Malika Virani, Lion Theresa St.-Gil, and Lion Secretary/Treasurer and District 2-X1 Cabinet Secretary Billy Ketner. Mizuki Nelson, Wakako Nelson, and Elizabeth St.-Gil were also in attendance. Plano Parks Manager Ron Smith and Plano Parks Superintendent Doug Green represented the City of Plano.

From the City of Plano Parks and Recreation Department

A special thanks to the Plano Evening Lion’s Club for donating pet stations at Haggard Park and the Jack Carter Dog Park. They were given to us as part of the International Lion’s Club “Centennial Legacy” project in commemoration of the Lion’s Club 100th anniversary. We are sure they will be put to good use. Thanks again to everyone involved

Plano Evening Lions Dedicate the Jack Carter Dog Run as a Part of their Legacy Project.

Plano Evening Lions Dedicate the Jack Carter Dog Park as part of their Centennial Legacy Project. Pictured (l-r): L to R – Ron Smith Manager of Plano Parks, PDG Carolyn Dorman MD-2 Centennial Coordinator, Lion President William Nelson, Lion Billy Ketner, Doug Green, Superintendent of Plano Parks, Lion Carlton Dorman, DG Bill Smothermon, Lion Theresa St.-Gil, Lion Malika Virani, and District 2-X1Centennial Coordinator Vinod Mathur.













Dallas Trinity Lions Club Donates Two Large Animal Dog Traps to Dallas Animal Services

dog-trapsDallas Trinity Lions Club, which serves part of the Cockrell Hill Area, donated two large animal dog traps to Dallas Animal Services. The hope is that these two traps can be of some help in catching the feral dogs that are running loose, terrifying children and other citizens across Dallas. When they met with Animal Services, their director told the Trinity Lions that these traps will really be helpful. They thanked the Lions Club for the donation.

President Johnny Baker Jr. says, “We are a small club, but we do big things. Our group puts on eye clinics providing eye glasses to children at two local elementary schools. We have pancake breakfasts, as well as other projects, to raise money to help in the community. We meet for lunch every first & third Wednesdays at the nearby Golden Corral on Cockrell Hill Road. Anyone wanting to learn more is welcome to join us for lunch at 11:30.”

Pictured L-R are Trinity Lions VP John T. “Doc” Baker, Animal Control Field Supervisor Dayanara Castillo, DAS Director of Volunteer Services Tisha-Vonique Hood, and Johnny Baker Jr., President of the Dallas Trinity Lions Club.


The Price of a Bike

bikepriceIt seemed like a simple request from our new District Governor: “Will you gather some Richardson Host and Midday Lions and come put a bike together after our Cabinet Meeting this week?” Now, what else is there to say to the esteemed DG Bill Smotherman except for, “Of course, that sounds easy enough”. So, Lions Huby, John, Harry, and myself arrived with tools in hand and an hour to spare on a Saturday afternoon. Three hours later, the box containing about a billion bike pieces was finally empty and I had a little fun testing out the new wheels! As I was about to leave, DG Bill mentioned that I was to deliver the bike to the deserving youngster in Richardson. Well, this did not seem to be unreasonable, although I was already late for a family dinner by now, and the bike barely fit into my car. I drove straight to the families apartment, but there was no sign of anyone living there, nor would anyone answer the phone. I left my name at the apartment complex office, but was very skeptical that I would every hear from anyone. However, at 9:30 that evening, a very excited mother called me to say that they had been out of town and could I please bring the bike by as soon as possible. We arranged a meeting at 7:30 the next morning. Upon arriving at the apartment, the 8 year old that greeted me at the door excitedly pushed his way past me and made his way on his crutches toward the parking lot. Jaden could hardly wait for his mom and I to find a neighbor to help us unload the bike. We struggled to get the bike out of the car because the basket kept getting stuck, but all he could talk about was how he could put his toys and iPad in the basket! His mother helped him on the bike and he figured out the hand crank within seconds. My granddaughter was with me and she had a turn on the bike, with her new friend encouraging her to pedal harder up the hill. As the mom and I talked about our similar jobs, the two kids played happily together in the early Sunday morning sun.

As I drove away that morning, I realized that the price of a Rock and Roll Cycle is not just measured in dollars, manpower and time. Its value is in the look of absolute joy on an 8 year old’s face, the words of appreciation from a parent, and the reminder of why I’m a Lion. — Christy Householter, Richardson Midday Lions Club.

PDG Carolyn Dorman Awarded Ambassador of Goodwill Award


Lion PDG Carolyn Dorman (center) displays her Ambassador of Goodwill Award bestowed on February 6, 2016 in Kerrville, TX. She is flanked by PID Marshall Cooper (left) and PIP Edd Grindstaff (right).

Heart-felt congratulations are in order for one of our most beloved and active District 2-X1 Lions! PDG Carolyn Dorman (DG 2006-2007) was awarded the Lions Club International (LCI) Ambassador of Goodwill Award at the recent gathering of the Texas Council of Governors on February 6, 2016 in Kerrville, TX. The award represents the highest honor that is bestowed by the International association based in Chicago, Il.

On hand for the celebration were District Governors, First Vice-District Governors and Second Vice-District Governors from all 16 districts in the state of Texas, along with members, council representatives and International Dignitaries. The award was presented to PDG Dorman by Past International President Everett J. “Ebb” Grindstaff.

The award is well-deserved, honoring PDG Carolyn’s history of her year’s of service at the local, district and state level. She was the driving force in the organization and compositing of District 2-X1’s leadership in training of new Lions. She helped create and perpetuate District 2-X1s Lions University, a yearly even that trains over 150 Lions every year and is a model all over the world for excellence in training. She was head of the GLT for the District for five years during that period of service, then moved into a State MD-2 role for coordination of the Centennial Celebration. She also serves as the current Chair of the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee for MD-2.

“Lion Carolyn has been an inspiration for Lions everywhere, especially Texas Lions, unselfishly giving of her time and strength to further Lion’s service to the community and to the world. This honor recognizes a dedicated effort for the Lions of this District, this State and the world,” said District 2-X1 First Vice District Governor Bill Smothermon.

Her partner in service is Lion Carlton who has been a tireless worker in District 2-X1 also.


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