Words Of Wisdom

by District Governor Darla Wisdom


District Lions,
I’ve been writing to you monthly for three years and after this issue of The Link, I’ll only have two more articles left of my time as Governor. It’s been quite a journey. My first campaign for 2nd VDG in 2008 was unsuccessful but because there were three candidates, we all had to crisscross the district several times visiting clubs and plugging ourselves -which makes me
uncomfortable. You were all so very gracious, friendly and attentive – I thought I might have a chance against two of the district’s most notable and
unforgettable foes. It was not to be however and I’m glad!

IPDG/District Governor Elect Ken Gleason was too formidable an opponent for my inexperience. I can say we became fast friends though and for the three years we served together, Lion Ken has been right there – in front AND in back of me working to make District 2-X1 raise the standard. We are very lucky to have him return next year as Governor to lead our District. He’s a freshly seasoned veteran; we will benefit from his experience.

Lions, through nine months, we are still negative membership. -58 is not a good place to be this late in the year. I’ve had some Lions ask me why we run around starting new clubs when old ones need membership help. The simple answer to that question is because without new clubs districts WILL NOT have positive membership for the year. It’s a proven fact.

As of to date, we have not chartered a new club in the district this year and you can see the results. However, I am NOT in favor of starting these so-called shot gun clubs either. Throwing spaghetti against the wall hoping it sticks only causes more problems down the road. The GMT led by Lion Henry White has been very meticulous about when and where to canvass in order to find the right spot for a new club that can actually help their community. Lions Henry and Danny Fletcher are working hard to get the last few members together in South Grand Prairie in order to get that new club off the ground before June 30th. If they can get it accomplished, the -58 will be cut in half! We can’t give up.

Remember we still have three months so it’s up to the rest of the 67 clubs to make up the last thirty new members. That’s not even ½ of a person per club. Have a membership drive……….”Just Ask” and PLEASE……….watch the drops! We are still experiencing too many drops and not enough new members to stop the bleeding. I know we can do this – I have faith in you.

One last item………….The District Convention is this month. On April 25 and 26, we’ll gather at the Night Hotel/ North Dallas on LBJ (north side) between Josey Lane and Denton Drive to have a great time, hand out some awards, honor our members that have passed away, get orientated, vote, celebrate our Grassroots Lions and in general have good fellowship among Lions of District 2-X1. I look forward to seeing all of you.

What a fabulous year for me and I’m honored you gave me the chance to be your Governor. May the last three months be the best yet!

Yours in Lionism,
DG Darla

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District News Highlights


 Club Events and News

  • Coppell Lions Club has successful Lion Pride Night for Community and New Members
  • Allen High Noon Raises Funds from their Duck Derby
  • Dallas Filipino Lions Club Raises funds for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Important Upcoming Events

  • March 1-2, 2014:  Texas Lions Leadership Forum, Austin, TX. Airport Hilton.
  • April 25-26, 2014:  Lions District 2-X1 Convention. Click here for details.
  • June 14, 2014:  Lions University held at Collin County Community College, Spring Creek Campus.