Ken’s Kornor

by District Governor Ken Gleason


October was another very busy month.  A number of Lions from our district were in attendance at World Sight Day on October 9.  Thank you to all of the Lions that attended for representing District 2-X1. On October 18, many Lions volunteered at the Lions Sports Extravaganza.  The weather was perfect, and there were around 240 athletes participating.  PDG Julia Johnson, Lion John Joy, and Lion Christy Householder were instrumental in planning and executing this day with the help of Region 10 and District 2-E2.  Please tell members of the Oak Cliff Lions Club “thank you” for providing lunch to all those that were in attendance.  The Infinity Lions Club at the University of Texas at Dallas had around 40 student volunteers assisting with the events.All shared a fun day.  I am so proud of our district for being a part of Sports Extravaganza.

Since Zone Meetings were held by all Zone Chairs in October, I have been getting reports back that indicate that attendance at all 10 Zone meetings was really good.  Our Zone Chairs are working extra hard this year, and I appreciate all that they are doing. On membership, District 2-X1 finished the month of September with a negative 79 (-79).  While many members of the district are hard at work recruiting new Lions, their efforts are being killed by too many club secretaries dropping members as fast as they can.  I would love to get the district into the positive or plus in membership.  All that is being required is for each Lion to Ask1. This membership drive is being conducted globally.  Please do your part by Asking 1 person that you know to join your Lions Club.  After you get that new member, Ask1 more person to consider joining your Lions Club.

The District 2-X1 monthly Executive Committee meeting was held on October 22.  The meeting went well, and I want all to know that 9 of the 10 Zone Chairs were there, and the other Zone Chair that was absent was out of state on business.  This is excellent, and it lets all know how much each of the zones is working toward a successful year.  If your club president or secretary wasn’t in attendance, please have them plan now to attend the next two Zone Meetings. The second Cabinet Meeting was held on October 25, hosted by the Forney Lions Club.  Thank you to each of their members for the great food and the nice place to hold the meeting. Club Treasurers your first semi-annual Lions dues to LCI, MD-2, and District 2-X1 are now past due.  Please get these dues payments caught up as soon as possible.

Thank you for everything that each of you Lions do.

DG Ken Gleason

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