by District Governor Kathleen Tyre

Aloha from Hawaii!  After 10 days of enjoying blue skies and sunshine, meeting Lions from around the world, sharing ideas and information, it’s time to come home and get back to work.

You may have heard the following thoughts regarding our logo and the two Lions facing opposing directions: one reflecting on our proud past and what we have accomplished, the other facing the future.  Our new International President, Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada put a little different spin on those thoughts that I found interesting and so true.  Our organization must not only reflect on our past, but we must also be willing to let it go.  As we look forward, we need to discover what works best in the present and future and make changes as needed.  Our organization, our clubs, our selves should not be allowed to stagnate.

I hope that this year, we will reflect on our clubs past history and see if we need to make some changes in how we serve our communities.  This year, let’s be open to new ideas, new members and new projects.  As we move toward our Centennial Anniversary let’s move forward in our thinking as well as our years. I hope that this year we all remember why we became Lions and reconnect with the commitment to come to the aid of those less fortunate than ourselves.  I hope that this year, we all realize that all the good that we do for others, is also good for ourselves.

Treat each other with Dignity, Harmony and Humanity

Just one more thing, a big congratulation needs to be extended to IPDG Ken Gleason on an outstanding year of leadership and service in our district.  The hardest thing for me to accomplish this year will be in filling his shoes.   He has set the mark high and I will do my best to meet it.  I want to extend my personal thanks for his guidance and friendship.  Thanks Lion Ken, you certainly know how “TO SERVE”.

DG Kathleen Tyre

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