Ken’s Kornor

by District Governor Ken Gleason


September was another very busy month. Many Lions attended the Coppell Lions Club’s Wine Tasting Event and had a great time. This fundraiser was really a lot of fun, and there were several outstanding wines that we were able to experience. On September 16, many Lions played in the Lions Sight & Tissue Golf Tournament at Los Rios Golf Club in Plano. Congratulations to those that were involved in staging the event, and to those teams that supported the tournament. Fun was had by all, and hopefully the LS&TF made some money. A hearty welcome goes out to all of the members of the South Grand Prairie Lions Club! Their Charter Night was held on September 20, and the attendance from other club members was respectable. Please join me in welcoming these new Lions as you see them at different upcoming district events.

Zone Meetings held by all Zone Chairmen in September. If you are the President or Secretary of your club and were not represented at your Zone Meeting, then you are already behind on meeting requirements of the 100% awards listed in the District Directory. Please make plans to attend your next Zone Meeting.

On membership, District 2-X1 finished the month of August with a negative 90 (-90). I would appreciate being told why secretaries of clubs in this district are still dropping members in September. It is difficult for your district leadership to get a handle on what needs to be accomplished when our drops are continuing to be large numbers. Please call me at 214-769- 8264 or email me at If you are a club Secretary and you plan to drop any members in October.

The District 2-X1 monthly Executive Committee meeting was held on September 9. The members of this committee are committed to seeing that District 2-X1 has a positive, great year. I personally would like to thank each member of this committee for all that they do. The second Cabinet Meeting will be held on October 25 and the Forney Lions Club will host it. The Cabinet Meeting will be held at: First United Methodist Church 414 W Broad Street Forney, TX 75126. Thank you again to the membership of the Forney Lions Club for volunteering to host our meeting.

MD-2 has opened the position of International Director to be voted on at the 2015 International Convention in Hawaii. Per LCI Constitution and By-Laws, Article II, Section 3 CANDIDACY REQUIREMENTS FOR INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR. A CANDIDATE FOR THE OFFICE OF International Director shall:

  1. Be an Active Member in good standing in a Lions club in good standing.
  2. Have completed or be completing a full term or major portion thereof as district governor of a full district of this association; or
  3. Have completed a full term or majority thereof as district governor or provisional district governor of a provisional district which
    1. attained in said term or later twenty (20) clubs in good standing or full district status or
    2. has been a provisional district for no less than ten (10) years.
  4. Secure the endorsement of his/her district (single, sub-, and multiple). PROVIDED, that the convention of a single or sub-district shall be eligible to endorse a candidate only if the single or sub-district meets the minimum district requirements as provided in ARTICLE VIII, SECTION 2 of the International By-Laws at the time such endorsement is issued
  5. Secure the certification of endorsement by his/her district (single, sub- and multiple) in accordance with these by-laws or constitution.

If you meet these qualifications and would like to run for the office of International Director, please contact me and make me aware of your intentions.

Club Treasurers, if you haven’t already paid your first semi-annual Lions dues to LCI, MD-2, and District 2-X1 please do so as soon as possible.

DG Ken Gleason

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