Ken’s Kornor

by District Governor Ken Gleason


District 2-X1 currently has a negative 28 (-28) in membership.  Thank you to all of the Lions that have been working so hard to get our district to a positive number in membership.  We are closing in on our goal of having a positive in membership for the Lion year!  Please remember, NO DROPS until July 11.

We have added a lot of new Lions this year, but we have also dropped some.  Thank you to the membership of the Dallas Oak Cliff Lions Club.  The club is continuing a Membership Drive, and I have heard that they are having success.  Please, Just Ask One.

Congratulations to all of the new officers of the Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation that were elected on April 9.  Lion George Harrington of the Plano Early Lions Club is the President-elect.  Congratulations and thank you also go out to Immediate Past President Keith Murray for a job well done.

If you didn’t attend the District 2-X1 Convention April 24 and 25 at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel on LBJ Freeway, you missed a really great time!  There were representatives of 41 clubs at the convention.  On Friday night there was a “Sock Hop” with music from the ‘50’s.  There were ladies in their Poodle Skirts and men in white tee shirts, jeans with the legs rolled up, white socks, and cigarettes rolled up in a sleeve.  Musical Chairs were played to the delight of the audience.

Congratulations to the Lions that were elected during the voting on Saturday afternoon.  Lion Kathleen Tyre is now District Governor Elect; Lion Bill Smotherman is now 1st VDG Elect, and Lion Henry White is the 2nd VDG Elect.  Also elected were five Lions running for five openings on the Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation Board.  They were Lions George Harrington, Gene LaFevers, Mark Owens, Ed Sircy, and Neil Roach.

Lion Tom McCallister was elected to serve as a director on District 2-X1 Charities.

On Saturday, there was a contest between clubs for the best “basket” donated for the competition.  Plano Early Lions Club was the winner of the basket contest.  “Basket Bingo” was played until all 11 of the baskets had been awarded to winners.

Saturday night was the Grass Roots Lions Banquet where new Lions from 23 clubs were honored.  We were privileged to hear PID Richard Sawyer as speaker and his wife, Fay was a delight to visit with.  They were our guests from Arizona.  Past District Governors wore white jackets and served as table hosts.  They also did the traditional “Passing of the Gavel.”

All ten Zone Chairs were given a glass award for a job well done.  Lions Bob Schwerd, Vinod Mathur, and Rita Claxton were presented a Presidential Certificate of Appreciation for all of their hard work this year.  Lion Tom McCallister received a Presidential Leadership Medal for all that he has done, and Lion Bill Smotherman received a Presidential Medal for his accomplishments.

Cabinet Secretary Billy Ketner was named District 2-X1 “Lion of the Year,” and Dallas Oak Cliff Lions Club was honored as the district “Club of the Year.”

Your Governor, Ken Gleason, was presented with a 238 pound Lion Statue as a gift from 1st VDG Kathleen Tyre and 2nd VDG Bill Smotherman.  Hopefully you will see a picture of my gift somewhere in this newsletter.  I might add that it took Lions Danny Fletcher, Bob Schwerd, Tom McCallister and Lion Tom’s son to deliver and set the statue in its place.  The Lion Statue looks awesome in my front yard flowerbed.

Thank you for everything that each of you do as a Lion.

DG Ken Gleason

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