Ken’s Kornor

by District Governor Ken Gleason


The end of 2014 is approaching as I write this article for the January 2015 Lions Link.  The past several days have been a time of reflection regarding where we have been in 2014 and where we are going in 2015 as a District in Lions Clubs International.

Several clubs that haven’t functioned as Lions Clubs and haven’t paid their International, State, and District dues were placed on Status Quo by LCI and had their Charters revoked when payment wasn’t received by December 29, 2014.  That list includes Dallas Pleasant Grove, Dallas Korean, and Hutchins Lions Clubs.  As a District Governor, it hurts to see clubs go away after the amount of effort and Lion hours that were put forth by many Lions trying to salvage these clubs.  More important than that is the loss of a resource that areas served by these clubs could count on for assistance.

District 2-X1 finished the month of December with a negative 91 (-91) in membership.  Our District has added 133 new Lions and dropped 224 members in the first six months of this Lion Year.  Our total district membership now stands at 1,779, and that is the lowest membership that I can remember being in many years.


These facts are what we as a district have done the first six months of the year.  Depressing? Yes.  Devastating? No.  Challenging? Absolutely!!  We now have six months to turn this Lion Year around.  Now is the time to ask, “Where are we going?”

As you all know from past articles, Lions Clubs International is continuing the membership program called Ask1. LCI is asking for each Lion to Ask1 person to join a Lions Club. This membership drive is being conducted globally.  Have each of you made the decision to participate in this program?  Do you think it’s just more of the same old crap from International?  I’m asking each of you to honestly ask yourself where you stand on growing the membership of the district.

I, for one, am tired of being beat to death over declining membership.  I understand that the more members that we have, the more money that we can raise, and the more people that we can serve.  The number of people needing help is increasing while the number of people wanting to help is declining.

As your District Governor, I am renewing my commitment to helping those that are less fortunate than me.  Will you take a stand with me?  If you will, please drop me a note at with your name and say, “I will!”  Then, let’s all join together as a TEAM to turn this declining membership around.

Please be sure to sign up for the Mid-Winter Conference to be held January 24 at Tyler Street United Methodist Church, 927 W. 10th Street, Dallas, TX.  We’re still putting together what would be the most beneficial programs for those that attend.  Our sponsor for the conference will be the Dallas Oak Cliff Lions Club.

Thank you for everything that each of you do as a Lion.

DG Ken Gleason

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