Ken’s Kornor

by District Governor Ken Gleason

gleason400Lions of District 2-X1, can you believe that we have already gone through the month of July? I can’t explain how time flies when you get the new Lion Year started!! Thanks to the Plano Early Lions Club, Plano Evening Lions Club, and the West Plano Lions Club for being the hosts at our first Cabinet Meeting. The members of these clubs did an outstanding job of securing the facility and providing food and drink for all of the attendees to enjoy. I heard from several sources that those that were able to be there had a good, fun time. Having fun was one of my objectives this year, so thank you to all of you that helped that happen.

Speaking of Cabinet Meetings, the Dallas Oak Cliff Lions Club has volunteered to host the Mid Winter Convention, and the Coppell Lions Club has volunteered to host the fourth Cabinet Meeting in March of 2015. The District still doesn’t have a location for the second Cabinet Meeting to be held on October 25. If your club would like to volunteer to be the host for this Cabinet Meeting, please contact me. Thank you.

Two Lions announced their candidacy for 2nd Vice-District Governor for 2015-2016 at the Cabinet Meeting. They were Lions Keith Murray and Henry White. Please welcome them as they visit your clubs this year as they campaign for that office. The voting for 2nd VDG will take place on April 25 at our District Convention. If you are a Lion that has an interest in being elected to the Board of Directors of any of our district charities, please contact either me, PCC John Eads, or PCC John Montag to have your name placed on the ballot. This year we had one position on the Lions Sight & Tissue Foundation and three positions on the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp that had to be filled by nomination and appointment of your District Governor. I nominated PDG Skip Johnson to serve on the LS&TF Board of Directors, and appointed Lions Paula Randall, David Anthony, and Darla Wisdom to serve on the board of the Julien C. Hyer Youth Camp. Thank you to these Lions for stepping up.

On membership, District 2-X1 finished the month of July with a negative 81 (-81). Now we know what we have to do in order to get to a positive in growth during the next 11 months. Please plan now to start membership drives in your club to offset the losses. I’m asking for one more net member than you started with on July 1, 2014. International President Joe Preston has challenged all of us to “Just Ask One” person to join the Lions Club.
When you recruit a new member for your club, give them a job within the club. I’m convinced that we lose new members because we don’t involve them and keep them busy. People become Lions for a variety of reasons. If you don’t get them involved, they will question why they are wasting their time attending meetings and doing nothing else! Lets each of us really work on retention in our clubs this year.

Please plan to attend the Executive Council Meeting on August 20, and as a reminder to Club Treasurers, please pay your first semi-annual Lions dues to LCI, MD-2, and District 2-X1 by August 31.

Thank you for everything you do

DG Ken Gleason

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District News Highlights

 Club Events and News

  • Coppell Lions Club has successful Lion Pride Night for Community and New Members
  • Allen High Noon Raises Funds from their Duck Derby
  • Dallas Filipino Lions Club Raises funds for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

Important Upcoming Events

  • Sep 20, 2014 – South Grand Prairie Charter Night
  • Oct 17-18, 2014 – Sports Extravaganza (Volunteer Form Here)
  • Oct 25 – District 2-X1 Cabinet Meeting