cross_cultureWell Hello!  My name is Pamela Baker and I am the 2-X1 District Cultural and Communities Activities Chair.  Hmm… that a long title and you are probably wondering what is it that?  According to the Lions Club International website, “The objective of the Lions Cultural and Community Program is to cultivate the human qualities and values that stimulate individual creativity, enliven the community and animate the human spirit.”

Oh yea, “stimulate creativity, enliven the community and animate the human spirit”, that sounds cool.  As 2-X1 Lions we have a variety of great community and cultural service activities going on.  My job will be to highlight and celebrate the community and diversity activities in your club.  I will be spotlighting projects that are hands-on service activities that improve your community such as updating food pantries or improving schools.  I will also be looking for cultural activities that focus on the visual arts such as a photography contest or sponsoring a formal dance for the elderly, recreation activities like repairing your public parks, and food events-who can forget the ever popular pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner.

I cannot do this alone.  If you have an activity, that you would like to boast about, send me an email at  Also, I will keep my eagle eyes open to look for activities in your clubs.   Thanks, I look forward to a great year