The District Governor Message

Lion Vinod Mathur

First, I would like to thank you all for your support and I am honored and excited to be your Governor for 2019-2020. Our theme this year of Service with Diversity is very appropriate, with over 1.4 Million members of different backgrounds, culture and generations. We can strengthen our clubs by inviting young and senior members to join. This multi- generational approach is critical to unifying people, leveraging skills and experience and making our clubs a welcoming place for all.

Let us carry on with the service journey with the five Global Causes. Hopefully this will attract new members and we will grow. Our district membership has been flat for last several years with a major contributing factor being retention. We lose more members than we recruit. Our strategy to retain is to keep our members engaged by emphasizing service projects. Let us not forget to support our Foundation LCIF – is empowering our service through its most ambitious fundraising campaign in history. I encourage every Lion to give what they can and bring lasting hope to the communities that need us most.
Here is to an exciting year “When We Serve, We Grow”.

Lion Vinod Mathur
District Governor 2-X1