The District Governor Message

Lion Billy Ketner

Lions Lead, Lions Serve
Lions lead by serving others. When we are serving the needs of others in our communities we are leading through service. We lead others to want to be like us. We lead others to want to serve with us. When they see the sheer joy, we receive from service to others, they want to be like us, and they want to join us. Service always has been and always will be the key to our success. We must develop projects that truly meet needs and serve others in each of our communities. Each Lions Club is fully empowered to serve and meet needs. We just need to find the real needs of our communities and then we must do everything in our power to work together to meet those needs.

District Goals 2020 – 2021
1. Increase membership in each District 2-X1 Club.
2. All Clubs perform and report service activities.
3. All Club Officers receive training.
4. Improve Club contributions to LCIF Campaign 100.
5. Form 2 new Lions Clubs, 2 new Leo Clubs, and 1 new Campus Club.

Lion Billy Ketner
District Governor 2-X1