The District Governor Message

Lion DG Henry White

As we celebrate one hundred years of service, I like to thank each club for its work in their community. My sincerest thanks for the opportunity to serve with you this year.

The District has 62 clubs and on target to help over 90.900 peoples within the next six month.
Lion Mary and I spend most of our time meeting with and encouraging Lions to serve in their clubs to make the district stronger.

One of the most significant development this year will be the addition of the Global Service Team (GST) as part of LCI Forward. The role of the GST is to help and encourage clubs to increase and report their service projects. District 2-X1 will continue to lead through service.

Please allow me to express my thanks to those Lions from District 2-X1 who attended the International Convention in Chicago. It was a wonderful feeling to see you.

We have one of the best leadership teams in the state this year, so Let’s make it happen!

Lion Henry White
District Governor, 2-X1