Executive Council to Meet Aug 12

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The Executive Council of District 2-X1 was formed to bring Officers of all Clubs together, especially the Club Presidents, Secretaries and Membership chairperson. Its function is to act as a coordinating Council to create opportunities for the exchange of ideas between the Clubs, and to make possible the dissemination of clubs in the promotion of Lionism.

Executive Council will meet four times in 2015-2016 (2nd Wednesday of August, November, February and May); please see Page 76 of District Directory. Club Officers’ attendance in all these meetings is one of the criteria to qualify for District Governor’s “100% Secretary Award” and “100% President Award”. Needless to mention, District 2-X1 is a group of Lions who are dedicated to making our communities a better place to live. When where a need there is a Lions.

The first meeting of the Executive Council will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at Charco-Broiler Steak House, 412 West Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, TX 75208 at 7:00 PM (be there at 6:00 PM if you plan to eat). Please plan to be there; exchange ideas with your counterparts. Discuss your club programs and bring your club’s fundraising materials. Why not ask your family and friends to join your club with project and fundraising. When you ask one like-minded person to join your club, you are providing for a real change and create more opportunities for your community. As Lions, we make things happen. Service projects are the important key for the community growth and ultimately the club growth. Plan on having a club project small or big, for every quarter of the year; involve every Member of your Club. This helps not only to retain the membership but also to add new members.

As President of this Executive Council, Second VDG Henry White will present a plan to IPDG Ken Gleason to work immediately with the ‘PDG Group on rebuilding the smaller clubs’ in the District. They can offer multiple levels of support to help strengthen weak/struggling clubs by increasing membership, strengthening leadership, supporting meaningful projects, improving club management etc.

If you have further questions, please contact Second Vice-District Governor Henry White.

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