In 2018, please note that entries are due to the Peace Poster Chair or the District Governor postmarked by Nov 15. Prizes are still the same for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations in the Kit or complete information posted at the MD-2 State Website here for more specific information about size & art usage. 

You may contact the Peace Poster Chairman for further details.

Congratulations to those submissions for the 2018 District 2-X1 Peace Poster Contest. They are shown below.

2016-11-22-11-27-21 2016-11-22-11-28-40 2016-11-22-11-31-12 2016-11-22-11-33-13

2016-11-22-11-35-58 2016-11-22-11-36-58 2016-11-22-11-37-49 2016-11-22-11-39-27