Plano Early Joins with Boys & Girls Club for “Recycle for Sight”

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Group 7-300

(Article provided by Lion T.J. Johnson, President, Plano Early Lions)

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, this very handsome group (see picture) hosted the first part of a “Recycle for Sight” project for the Lions Club International’s Sharing the Vision and Engage our Youth campaign!!! (The Centennial Service Challenge). The Plano Early Lions Club joined the Boys & Girls Club-Keystone Club for this “Recycle for Sight” work session which was held at the Douglass Community Center.

As the first phase of this “Recycle for Sight” project, over 31 volunteers, including 16 teens and 15 Plano Early Lions gathered to clean, sanitize and sort by prescription over 1,500 recently donated eyeglasses. The Lions and the teens worked hard, had great fun and finished this task in less than 2 hours. Some of the EyeCare Committee members ended this fulfilling day with a fellowship breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels.

For 25 years, Lion Andrew Patterson (now age 86) was the sole collector of donated used eyeglasses at various sites around the city of Plano. When Lion Andrew’s health began to fail, a few years ago, Lion Tom Richardson picked up the task and has since been the sole collector of the donated eyeglasses. This year a committee was appointed to work with Lion Tom and the committee named itself the EyeCare Committee. The goal for the EyeCare Committee for this year was to expand the “Recycle for Sight” efforts of the club as guided by Lions Club International and with this first “clean, sanitize and sort” project this committee is well on the way.

Just so you know, this event for PELC and for the EyeCare Committee is a part of the “Sharing the Vision” Campaign, a Lions Club International global campaign, to culminate in the month of October where the focus is on the importance of healthy vision and service to community. The clean, sanitized and sorted eyeglasses will be shipped to the Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (TLERC) in Midland, Texas, with help from PDG Lion Wayne Meachum, District coordinator for shipments to the Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycle Center. In Midland, these used glasses are prepared for distribution by Lions and other groups in developing countries where eye care is often unaffordable and inaccessible.

PDG Lion Carolyn Keskitalo told me that she and her staff are very proud of the extra effort from our club and expects to visit our club soon to share the works of the Texas Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center. A big roaring thank-you goes to the Plano Early Lions who came out on Saturday and made this such an awesome project for the club and for the Keystone teens who worked with us. Roars of gratitude to PDG Lion Carolyn and the TLERC staff for guiding us through our first “clean, sanitize and sort” work session.  A roaring thank-you to the Boys & Girls Club-Keystone Teens for their part in the success of this work session and for providing the workspace.

Special thanx to Chair Lion Tom R., the EyeCare Committee members: Lion Elsie, Lion Julius, Lion Franklin, Lion Don, Lion Ed, Lion Cathy, Lion Trevor, and Lion Doris and to the other working Lions: Lion Arthur, Lion Pat, Lion Karen, Lion Jay, Lion George, and Lion Tom M. “Recycle for Sight” work session #2 is scheduled for mid-October. We expect to “clean, sanitize and sort” another 1,500+ donated eyeglasses. Hope you’ll plan to join us. It promises to be another great “We Serve” opportunity and fulfilling day. Stay tuned!!!

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